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Roofing and Wall Cladding

Your architectural dreams are brought to life with a majestic roofing masterpiece.

Roof and Wall Cladding Art in Steel

Make your new home stand out or bring an existing home up-to-date with quality roofing, walling and cladding from Stratco. Whether your home is modern or traditional there is a roof or wall sheeting profile to compliment your theme.

Choose from a full spectrum of roofing and walling colours to match any mood or environment, from heritage hues, to modern, dramatic shades. Dress your home or business with a huge range of roof cladding profiles to fit any application (check with Stratco in your state for availability).

Realise your architectural dreams and be inspired by the possibilities, with a roofing or walling work of art in steel.

Cladding Roofing Sheeting Walling Page

Invest in Quality Cladding

Available in zinc/al or with a colour finish, Stratco Roofing, Walling and Cladding will resist chipping and corrosion for years to come. Continuous steel roofing sheets can be securely fixed to form a valuable barrier to fire and sparks, torrential rain and forced roof entry by thieves. Unlike other cladding materials, Stratco steel sheeting is light and easy to install, saving on building costs. When installed correctly with suitable insulation, steel cladding is thermal efficient; cooling down quickly in summer and keeping warm in winter, therefore saving on energy costs.

Stratco Cladding is made from high tensile steel sheet and is available in a range of thicknesses including 0.40mm and 0.55mm. Stratco Cladding is produced in long, continuous sheets to the exact lengths required. This ensures it is weather tight with no unsightly end laps in the middle of the roof. All Stratco Roofing profiles benefit from non-syphoning side laps that minimise the risk of moisture transfer between the sheets due to capillary action.

Curved Creations

Corrugated steel can be brought to life with new forms created through bull nosing or curving. Bullnosing involves a straight length of sheet metal with a curved end and is commonly found on traditional homes. Curving involves either a concave or convex curve over the whole sheet. Curving allows you to expand your architectural possibilities. Stratco can roll anything from full half circles, to gentle arcs curved to your exact requirements.

Stratco can provide all the accessories to complete your curved creation from wall channels and flashings, to hip bars and curved box gutters.

Roofing Accessories

Complete the package with an impressive range of Stratco Roofing Accessories designed to compliment your roof and home. Add the finishing touch with Stratco Ridge CappingValley Gutter, and Flashings. Provide ventilation with a turbine ventilator, the natural way to extract heat from your home.

A wide range of guttering, downpipe and steel fascia profiles are available in styles to suit both modern and traditional homes. Enhance your home by mixing and matching the colour of your roof and accessories to either blend together or create a bold and dramatic contrast. Special customised rainheads and metal fixtures can also be manufactured.