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The contemporary form of Stratco900 cladding features a square corrugated profile. Offering an exceptionally wide coverage, Stratco900 is an economical choice with a superior spanning ability and an excellent water carrying capacity.

Form and Function

Strong, bold and stylish roofing and wall cladding

Strong, bold and stylish, Stratco900 has a 'square corrugated' form that has the looks and versatility to allow it to blend easily with any building style. Its strong seven rib design lends itself for use on roofing, wall cladding, and fencing. Stratco900 is ideal for architects and builders who are trying to achieve a different look, with maximum serviceability. It is an economical cladding due to its very wide coverage, and it has excellent water-carrying capacity due to its deep, 37mm high profile.

Available Colours:

Custom Made For Your Project

Stratco900 sheets longer than 1.2 metres are rolled to the specific length you require, provided the appropriate transport and handling can be arranged. If lengths longer than eight metres are required, consult Stratco for advice on handling and transport.

To give your roof, wall or fencing a professional finish, painted self-drilling screws are also available. Stratco offer a complete range of flashings and accessories for use with Stratco900 and can provide advice on specific flashings.

Maintenance Requirements

The performance of Stratco900 over time depends on its correct application and maintenance. Maintenance should be performed as often as is required to remove any dirt, salt and pollutants. Where used in severely corrosive environments, cleaning should be performed more often. It is important that screws have the same life expectancy as the cladding you have specified.

Cladding Roofing Sheeting Walling Stratco900 Profile

Design Considerations

Stratco900 has a 900mm coverage and the minimum recommended roof pitch is three degrees (1 in 20).

Stratco900 is subject to thermal expansion. Darker colours are affected more than lighter colours. The maximum length before an expansion joint is needed is 24 metres for lighter colours and 16 metres for darker colours.

Stratco recommend foot traffic is kept to the purlins for safety, and to avoid damage to sheeting. Weight should be spread evenly over at least two sheet ribs.

Material Specifications

Material Specifications
Material Properties Finish 0.40 BMT 0.55 BMT
Mass (kg / linear metre) Zinc/al 4.05 5.49
Colour 4.09 5.52
Tensile Strength (MPa) Zinc/al & Colour 550 550
Width Coverage (mm) Zinc/al & Colour 900 900
Sheet Tolerances (mm) Length & Width +10 -0 Length
±5 Width
+10 -0 Length
±5 Width


Installing Stratco900 Cladding

Stratco900 sheets should be laid into the prevailing wind and sit neatly on the preceding roof sheet, as shown in the laying procedure below. Avoid 'stretching' the width of the sheet when installing, as this could allow wind and rain to enter. If spans exceeds 1200mm it is recommended that side lap fasteners are used mid-span. Side lap fixing will help maintain a weather proof seal and will secure the overlap especially when the roof is walked on occasionally. This is best done with either 10 x 16mm self drilling screws or a 3.2mm blind rivet (rivets should be sealed to prevent water penetration). On roofing, at the end of the sheets, the valleys of each pan should be turned up at the roof crest and down into the gutter using a turn up/down tool.

Stratco900 Fastener Selection
Application Support Minimum Screw Length Designation
Roofing (Crest Fixing) Steel 65mm 14 - 10 x 65 / 12 - 14 x 68
Timber 75mm 14 - 10 x 75
Walling (Pan Fixing) Steel 20mm 12 - 14 x 20
Timber 50mm TS M6 x 50

The Stratco900 Fastener Selection chart is based on six screws fasteners/sheet/support without the use of load spreading washers. If sarking or insulation is used the length of the screw will need to be increased.

Laying Procedure

Prevailing Wind →

← Laying Direction

Cladding Roofing Sheeting Walling Stratco900 Laying

Fastener Spacings

Prevailing Wind →

← Laying Direction

Cladding Roofing Sheeting Walling Stratco900 Fastener

Technical Details


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