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OG Gutter


SKU: OG-Gutter

OG Gutter has a traditional, charismatic profile. OG stands for 'Old Gothic'. The style of OG Gutter makes it the ideal choice for use on both traditional and modern homes. It is available in a huge range of colours. Manufactured in Rotorua.

Traditional Elegance

Guttering that exudes traditional charm and character.

Featuring elegant, ornate, flowing lines that exude traditional charisma. Stratco OG or 'Old Gothic' gutter imparts a classic style to both modern and period homes.

Stratco OG Gutter can be ordered in un-painted zinc/al or in a huge range of pre-painted steel colours. Finish your project with a comprehensive range of OG Gutter accessories including stop ends and brackets.

Available Colours:


Tensile (MPa) BMT (mm)
G250/300 0.55

Rainfall Intensity (ARI) mm/hr 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 150 160 170 180 190 200
Catchment Area Per Downpipe (m2) 99 83 71 62 55 50 45 41 38 35 33 31 29 27 26 25


Gutters Guttering Gutter OG NZ Profile

Gutters Guttering Gutter OG NZ Profile

Dimensions (mm)
A 61
B 125
C 90

Gutter Accessories

Gutters Guttering Gutter OG Accessory Stop End

Stop End

Individual stop ends can be supplied in left and right hand ready for on site installation.

Gutters Guttering Gutter OG Accessory Bracket External

External Bracket

External gutter brackets are fixed on to the fascia at 1.2 metre intervals using a string line. They provide a more traditional look and are visible on the external face of the gutter.

Gutters Guttering Gutter OG Accessory Bracket Strap

Internal Str-8-line Strap

Internal gutter straps hold the face of the gutter into position. They are installed internally at 1.2 metre intervals and are not visible on the external gutter face.

Gutters Guttering Gutter OG Accessory Bracket Timber Clip

Timber Fix Clip

Timber fix clips are used on timber fascia, a simple solution for replacing existing gutter on a building.

Note: Availability is state specific, please check prior to ordering.

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