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Half Round Gutter


SKU: Half-Round-Gutter

The appealing shape of Half Round Gutter is largely self cleaning. It has a good water carrying ability due to its wide 150mm diameter. Half Round is ideal for modern homes and is also popular on commercial buildings because of its practical shape. Manufactured in Christchurch.

Stylish and Practical Guttering

Traditional curved forms of Stratco Half Round Gutter

Stratco Half Round Gutter is the perfect complement to Spanish, and Tuscan styled homes. However, it has been used to great effect on both modern and traditional architecture.

Its smooth, self-cleaning shape also lends its use to commercial and industrial buildings due to its practicality.

Available Colours:


Tensile (MPa) BMT (mm) Type Capacity (mm²) Total Cross Section
Area (mm²)
G550 0.45 Standard 7703 9176

Note: Calculation of the effective cross sectional area 'Capacity' is based on the requirements of section 3.8 AS/NZS 2179.1:1994.

Rainfall Intensity (ARI) mm/hr 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 150 160 170 180 190 200
Catchment Area Per Downpipe (m2) 172 143 123 108 96 86 78 72 66 61 57 54 51 48 45 43


Gutters Guttering Gutter Half Round Profile

Gutters Guttering Gutter Half Round Profile

Dimensions (mm)
A 78
B 148
C 104

Gutter Accessories

Gutters Guttering Gutter Half Round Accessory Stop End

Stop End

Individual stop ends can be supplied in left and right hand ready for on site installation.

Gutters Guttering Gutter Half Round Accessory Bracket External

Cast External Bracket

External gutter brackets are fixed on to the fascia at 1.2 metre intervals using a string line. They provide a more traditional look and are visible on the external face of the gutter.

Note: Availability is location specific, please check prior to ordering.

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