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Wood Shed


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Stratco firewood storage sheds are the perfect solution for keeping your kindling dry. They come in a range of sizes and feature a strong and compact design. Available with an un-painted zinc/al finish, Stratco Wood Sheds are simple, practical and very easy to install.

Keep Your Firewood Dry

Simple, practical firewood storage sheds

Available in Christchurch only. Stratco Wood Sheds are simple, compact and very practical. They have an unpainted zinc/al finish and are manufactured with a safety edge to remove the sharp outer edge. Stratco Wood Sheds are a great way to quickly add valuable outdoor kindling storage to your backyard.

Brochures & Installation Guides

Easy to Install Sheds

Stratco firewood storage sheds are very easy to install. Comprised of crimp bent steel cladding for the roof and side walls and a standard steel cladding sheet for the back wall. The sheets are fixed together and fit into bottom channels that attach the shed to the base with footing brackets.


Wood Shed Dimensions
Model Length (m) Width (m)
1 1.55 0.80
2 1.55 1.55
3 1.55 2.25
4 1.55 3.00
5 1.55 3.75
6 1.55 4.50
7 2.25 0.80
8 2.25 1.55
9 2.25 2.25
10 2.25 3.00
11 2.25 3.75
12 2.25 4.50

Optional Extras

Steel pegs and masonry anchors are availabe to fix your wood shed to a base of concrete or pavers.

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