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Handi-Pod Hinged Door Garden Shed


SKU: HPGS21702285GU

The Handi-Pod™ garden shed is redefining the garden storage market in New Zealand. Adding contemporary style and sophistication to any back yard, the Handi-Pod's™ ingenious 'utility ribs' open the door for unparalleled flexibility in storage when coupled with the unique range of Handi-Pod storage accessories. Stratco's Handi-Pod™ garden sheds are constructed with a coloured, reverse-sloping roof, an integrated gutter and downpipe as standard, concealed fixings, and a generous wall height of over two metres, the Handi-Pod™ wants for nothing.

About this product

Unlike anything on the market, the Handi-Pod™ is built in modular sections from the ground up, making assembly a breeze - something you can do yourself, or get a Stratco installer to do the work while you put your feet up and relax. The double-skinned, hinged door not only provides maximum security, it is also the most attractive door you will find on a garden shed in New Zealand! Handi-Pod™ - garden sheds redefined.

  • Total load capacity for each wall is 120kg when accessories are attached to the utility ribs
  • Contemporary design that redefines garden shed styling
  • Engineered utility ribs for endless storage options
  • Modular design enables faster assembly
  • Double skin door provides maximum security and good looks
  • Concealed fixings create strong, clean lines
  • Integrated gutter and downpipe for superior drainage
  • Extra high walls at 2.04m provide breezy access and increased storage capacity
  • Bright white internal surfaces and accessories create a light and spacious feel
  • Optional accessories include a corner shelf, short shelf, long shelf, peg board and floor beam kits
Technical Specifications
Dimensions Of HP12170mm(W) x 1410mm(D) x 2040mm(H)
Dimensions Of HP22170mm(W) x 2285mm(D) x 2040mm(H)
ColourGun Metal Grey

Stratco Handi-Pod Package Dimensions

Model Width (mm) Height (mm)  Length (mm) Weight (kg)
HP1 1000 215 2260 76
HP2 1000 215 2260 93

All Stratco Handi-Pod garden sheds come in the same size package. Measurements are to the outer sides of the box.

Brochures & Installation Guides

Installation Videos

Handi-Pod™ Frequently Asked Questions

The door on the Handi-Pod™ sheds can only be installed on the right side, with hinges on the right side.

The design of the Handi-Pod™ means that this is the only place the door can be installed.

While the downpipe on the Handi-Pod™ sheds does not have to be installed, the gutter is an integral structural component that must be installed.

At this stage, the Handi-pod™ is not available with an optional window.

The Handi-Pod™ has been designed to stand a generous 2.04M tall. Any additional height may adversely impact its wind resistance and result in the door not operating correctly.

If you have a damaged panel, please contact Stratco on 0800 787 282 for advice.

It is always recommended to check with your local council or authority before erecting your Handi-Pod™.

Whilst it is possible to install any garden shed on bricks, it is not recommended, as this will not meet the standard for wind resistance. In order to comply with warranty and also meet New Zealand wind standards, there are two approved methods for installing any garden shed:

  1. Before building the shed pour a concrete base that is larger than the area of the shed by at least 200mm in each direction. The base should be poured so the concrete outside the shed floor area slopes away from the shed to help prevent water entering the shed.
  2. Substantial concrete pads may be used at each anchor location as an alternative to a complete concrete floor. It is recommended pads are minimum 250mm x 400mm deep and embedded into a firm natural soil base.

Handi Pod's™ come with a 10 year paint warranty and 15 year structural warranty. It is important to adhere to the maintenance guidelines listed in the Handi-Pod™ installation guide.

The Handi-Pod™ is designed with DIY in mind. You’ll need some tools and a bit of knowledge of how to use them. If you know your way around a drill and a rivet gun, then you should be good to go. You will need a few things before you start:

  1. Rivet gun
  2. Caulking gun and silicone (For waterproofing the gutter and downpipe connection)
  3. Cordless drill (for drilling rivet holes and screwing metal screws)
  4. Hammer drill if your cordless drill does not have a hammer function (for drilling into the concrete slab for masonry anchors)
  5. 10mm masonry drill bit
  6. Ladder
  7. Tape measure
  8. 5mm drill bit, 5/16” hex head driver, and #2 Phillips driver (all supplied with your shed)

Yes – when correctly assembled, and mounted on an approved concrete base, the Handi-Pod™ will resist normal rainy conditions. The Handi-Pod™ will not be waterproof in the event of flooding and the interior may condensate depending on weather conditions.

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