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Why You Should Invest In A Stratco Garden Shed

Garden Shed NZ Blog Feature

An uncluttered interior structure, combined with bold attractive lines on the outside, make Stratco Garden Sheds more than just a practical addition to the backyard.

Having a garden requires a lot of maintenance and therefore endless amounts of gardening tools, seeds, fertilisers, and other gardening essentials. Whilst you can always have these items scattered around the backyard or crammed into a cupboard somewhere, a garden shed comes is a much more practical solution.

Garden sheds whilst practical for storage purposes are also beneficial in other ways.

  • Organised Gardening Tools

A Garden shed is a practical and a time effective solution. Adding shelves and cabinets to your shed can easily help organise and sort your tools. This also facilitates quicker access with your shed being adjacent to your garden.

Do you have firewood lying around? You may want to consider a Stratco firewood storage shed. These sheds are the perfect solution for keeping your kindling dry. They come in a range of sizes and feature a strong and compact design. Available with an un-painted zinc/al finish, Stratco Wood Sheds are simple, practical and very easy to install.

  • Improve Garden Aesthetics

The crisp, clean, and uncluttered design of Stratos’s garden sheds add a visual appeal to the garden whilst also reducing overall clutter. Stratco garden storage sheds are also available in an impressive range of colours, with a colour to suit your style and aesthetic.

  • Increases property value

Storage is essential in a home. By adding extra storage options your home is expected to improve in value. When buying a shed, many people look at the short-term benefits and forget the long-term opportunities it can provide. If the need to sell your property arises, having extra storage is usually a top priority for buyers.

  • Generates Space

Other than providing a space for your garden tools and equipment, a garden shed can be used for a variety of other reasons, these include:

  • Kids playhouse
  • Art studio
  • Workshop
  • Game or entertainment room
  • Gym
  • Home spa
  • Home office

Our Stratco Shed walls are made from strong high profile steel sheeting, and the roof is made from the easy to maintain steel corrugated profile. All parts and accessories are galvanised for durability and a sturdy ridge beam is added for rigidity. Made from quality materials means your Garden Shed will be a lasting investment for years to come.

Request A Quote For Your Own Garden Shed

Whether you want to build your own shed or have it installed, Stratco is here to help. Request a free quote or contact us for pricing and further details today.