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Stratco900 Industrial Roof Replacement


Recently, the team at Contour NZ has been occupied with an enormous project on 83 Beach Road, Richmond. The project involved supplying & installing steel roof sheets for an industrial roof replacement for our customer, Goleman Group. The project itself spanned a whopping 6,000m2, illustrating just how big this mammoth installation was. 

Why Contour was the perfect candidate for the job

Contour began in 1993 with a core focus on roofing, which was closely followed by the eventual development of other products such as aluminium joinery. In 2021, the stars & values aligned between the two companies, and thus Contour was acquired by Stratco. With both companies boasting stellar reputations and a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved, partnering with Contour was the natural choice for Goleman Group! Sourcing local manufacturers and local reroofing contractors meant that the ability to complete this project within the timeframe was feasible.  

Which steel roof sheets did Contour use? 

To complete the job, contour used Stratco900, which is one of the best corrugated sheets for roofing. This profile contains notable attributes that auditioned perfectly for this humongous task. One of the key benefits of using Stratco900 is its superior spanning capabilities. For this specific job, it was a requirement that the profile was able to span 2.2m. Stratco900 has an internal span length of up to 2200mm for 0.40 BMT, whilst the 0.55mm BMT option can span up to 2800mm for roofing applications. With this lengthy span also comes the economic benefit due to the need for fewer sheets to complete the task. Additionally, the deep 37mm profile delivers excellent water-carrying capacity, solidifying the decision to use the Stratco900 Roofing Sheet. This installation was reinforced with Bremick Fasteners and utilised a Thermakraft Covertek 407 Underlay to manage condensation & water vapour transfer. 

Beyond the direct benefits of Stratco900, Contour has a manufacturing facility in Nelson, where they conveniently manufacture the profile that was needed. This ultimately simplified the process of transporting the 2.2m long sheets and removed the element of complexity in terms of logistics. 

Check out some incredible drone shots of the finished product below: 

How Contour pulled it off 

Executing this monumental project required a concerted effort from a diverse team, spanning from roofers to cranage experts. The crews from Adams Crane Ltd and Lift N Shift both supplied cranage for the project to deliver the sheets to the roof, whilst the latter also provided trucking for the transportation of the sheets. To ensure the safety of everyone on-site, Contour collaborated with Maxsafe, who provided harness systems and a fall prevention safety plan. Tasman Bay Scaffold also helped and supplied edge protection, meaning everyone was ready to get started! With the all-clear, Contours reroofing contractors, TJ’s Roofing, went ahead and got started on the replacement, completing the installation within the specified timeframe! 

Get in touch for your roof replacement today! 

6,000m2 later, the finished product is finally unveiled and it is astonishing! If Contour can take on a roof replacement project of this calibre, then imagine what they can do for you! Whether it be a domestic, industrial, or commercial roofing project, Stratco and Contour has you covered. If you’re in need of a roof replacement, then don’t hesitate to fill out the quote form for a free quote! If you are unsure if your roof needs a replacement or if you have any more questions regarding your next roofing project, then head into your local store or give us a call on 0800 787 282!

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