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Simon's Dream Outdoor Space – A Stratco Customer Story

Join us as we visit the home of Simon, a Stratco customer, and relive the journey of creating the dream outdoor space, intricately crafted with the unparalleled quality and innovation of Stratco products. Simon's story serves not only as a testament to the excellence of Stratco’s products like Quickscreen Fencing, Decking, and Ambient Blinds but also as a source of inspiration for anyone considering embarking on their outdoor living renovation journey.

Simon's journey began with a vision — a vision of a home that not only met his family's needs but also reflected their unique style and values. With the support of Stratco's superior products, Simon transformed his dream into reality, one meticulous step at a time.

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Simon’s Decking Transformation

BeforeQuickscreen-Vertical-17 new.jpg

AfterQuickscreen Vertical 9.jpg

As Simon ventured into the realm of an outdoor living renovation, he faced challenges familiar to many homeowners—unused space, outdated structures, and the want for practical yet aesthetically pleasing outdoor solutions. Simon’s home, nestled into a sloping site, presented both opportunities and obstacles, but with the help of our Stratco team, we found ideal solutions to suit his needs.

The pivotal moment came with the decision to revamp the lower level of his home—a space brimming with untapped potential. Simon's meticulous planning and strategic use of Stratco products paved the way for a transformative renovation. Out went the outdated deck, making room for sleek decking and a functional outdoor living space.

However, Simon's journey wasn't just about replacing the old with the new—it was about infusing his home with light, warmth, and enduring quality. The Quickscreen Aluminum Fencing, chosen as an alternative to cedar timber, not only added a touch of privacy but also offered durability and ease of maintenance. Compared to cedar timber slats, Simon chose Quickscreen Aluminium instead since it’s prefinished and won’t warp, twist or rot.

Ambient Blinds For Year Round Protection

Simon didn’t want to enclose too much of his beautiful new deck from the serenity of his backyard or the summer sun. His best option was Stratco’s Ambient Blinds that offer wind and weather protection while allowing Simon’s outdoor space to be used year-round. His choice of Blackstone material with a 95% UV blackout still allows light into their enclosed area.

Simon’s goal of creating an outdoor living area to be used year-round wouldn’t be complete without roofing over his outdoor area. Ampelite Easyclick polycarbonate roofing was chosen thanks to its 16mm multicell polycarbonate nature and concealed fixings. Not only does this look amazing, it lets plenty of light in while mitigating the summer heat.

Quickscreen Fencing – A Game Changer

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Simon's experience underscores the importance of choosing reliable and innovative products for outdoor renovation projects. Quickscreen Fencing was a game changer for Simon's experience due to its effortless installation process. As he tackled the installation himself, he discovered firsthand how user-friendly and intuitive the Quickscreen system truly is. From start to finish, the process was seamless, reinforcing the value of choosing products that not only meet high standards of quality but also simplify the construction process.

Dream Outdoor Space with Stratco's Product

As Simon reflected on his journey, he highlighted some key takeaways for other aspiring outdoor renovators and builders alike. The key, he emphasizes, lies in meticulous planning, selecting the right materials and products for today and the future, and leaning on the Stratco team for their knowledge and experience. With the right tools and expertise at hand, any dream outdoor vision can become a reality.

Simon’s journey with Stratco products serves as a beacon of inspiration for all who dream of creating their perfect outdoor space. Whether embarking on a major renovation or building from the ground up, let Simon's story be a reminder that with determination, innovation, and the right partners by your side, no dream is too big to achieve. If you’re interested in renovating your outdoor space with Quickscreen Fencing, Decking, Ambient Blinds, or a Patio or have a custom project in mind, request a quote today or give us a call on 0800 787 282.

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