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Induracore G2

Induracore G2

SKU: Induracore-G2

Induracore G2, ALP (aluminium laminated panel) cladding, features three layers of aluminum, offering a lightweight solution suitable for a wide range of buildings, from upscale residences to high-rise structures. With the most extensive color range and stock in New Zealand, it's the ideal choice for architectural projects.

About this product

Induracore G2 stands as New Zealand’s Aluminium Laminated Panel, meeting all New Zealand building code requirements with a focus on durability, weatherability, and fire resistance for exterior cladding applications.

While Induracore G2 shares the appearance of traditional composite aluminum panels (ACP), its advanced technology utilizes a fully aluminum-stamped structure, eliminating combustible materials. With no composites, it emerges as the optimal selection for external wall cladding in commercial, industrial, and high-rise buildings, as well as internal linings.

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  • Full scale fire tested
  • Concealed fix system
  • Very lightweight, with only being 4.6kg per m2 compared to 7.3kg per m2 of standard ACM panel
  • Suitable product for large infrastructure projects
  • Paint system
  • Up to 15 year’s warranty when correctly installed and maintained
  • Weather-proofed
  • Full compliance


Induracore G2 products come with a 15 year warranty*

* Terms and conditions apply. Contact us for warranty details.

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