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Why COLORSTEEL® Is The Perfect Choice

Dec 14 2022
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Why COLORSTEEL® Is The Perfect Choice

Not all pre-painted steel is created equal.  Whether you're buying a Stratco roof, fence, shed or patio, you can have peace of mind, knowing we only use high quality materials, tested to last.  Inferior pre-painted can quickly fade, peel or crack, leaving you disappointed with your end product. Whe recommend taking care and asking plenty of questions when considering COLORSTEEL® alternatives.

COLORSTEEL® has been making high quality long run steel from rich New Zealand ironsand for over 40 years. Selecting the right material for your roof is an important decision. Your roof is one of the most important architectural elements of your home, so we ensure that all Stratco New Zealand roofing and walling profiles are made from high quality steel. Not all pre-painted metal roofing is created equal, we would recommend taking care when considering alternatives to COLORSTEEL® roofing. COLORSTEEL® is a kiwi icon, boasting a huge range of benefits to help put your mind at ease knowing your roof will stand the test of time.

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If you’ve been watching The Block Australia, you may have noticed COLORBOND® are a major sponsor, supplying the roof and wall cladding featured on the show. COLORBOND® is a Bluescope product, supplied in Australia. COLORSTEEL® is the New Zealand equivalent, so if you're looking for COLORBOND®, come to Stratco and we'll take care of you.

Benefits Of COLORSTEEL® 

Here are some of the reasons why COLORSTEEL® is Stratco New Zealand's preferred choice for pre-painted steel:

Easy To Maintain
COLORSTEEL® not only looks good, but it also protects the places we live, work and play with minimal maintenance. The rain washing does most of the work! When your COLORSTEEL® products aren't getting washed by the rain, a simple wash with a soft brush and detergent will do the job. How easy is that?

Highly Durable
COLORSTEEL® is made from high quality grade steel, manufactured in New Zealand by New Zealand Steel, New Zealand's only steel manufacturer. Designed, rigorously tested and approved for New Zealand's unique environmental conditions, COLORSTEEL® solutions are built to withstand even the harshest New Zealand weather. 

COLORSTEEL® is finished with five layers of protection, including a metal coating with enhanced corrosion and chipping resistance. Whether you’re faced with strong sun, relentless rain, wind & snow, atmospheric salt or even geothermal conditions, COLORSTEEL® offer resilient solutions for your projects.

Strong, But Lightweight
COLORSTEEL® is extremely lightweight but still strong. Consider roofing for example. By comparison, concrete tiles can be ten times the weight of Stratco's COLORSTEEL® roofing panels. For new homes and renovationss, the reduced weight may mean you need less substantial, lower cost foundations and support.

On Trend Modern Aesthetic
COLORSTEEL®  delivers a clean, sleek appearance and is available in a great range of classic and contemporary colours. Choose from classic timeless shades or modern and contemporary on trend tones. COLORSTEEL® solutions deliver a stunning aesthetic with a finish that will complement any New Zealand home. When renovating traditional and historic homes or buildings, COLORSTEEL® can significantly improve the overall look and style, but importantly, there are COLORSTEEL® options that will complement a traditional look and feel. With COLORSTEEL® you can also perfectly match your gutters and fascia to your roofing, walling and even your shed, keeping the whole exterior of the home cohesive and complementary.

Thermal Properties
Solar reflective, but also lightweight, COLORSTEEL® roofing reflects the sun’s heat to help keep your home or building cool throughout summer. Selecting darker colours can help retain heat in winter, the choice is yours.

Speed of Installation
COLORSTEEL® sheets are simple to install. Whether you're using COLORSTEEL® for your shed, roof or fence, experienced installers can save time on installation.  For example, laying tiles on a roof is far more time consuming than installing COLORSTEEL® roof sheets.

Minimal Roof Pitch
COLORSTEEL® roofing panels are perfect for modern New Zealand homes with a gentle roof pitch. 

COLORSTEEL® is recyclable! It is also made using some recycled material, making COLORSTEEL® a great option for anyone wanting to minimise their impact on the environment.

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*Colorsteel is Stratco's preferred pre-painted steel supplier, however we do not guarantee that any products will be made from COLORSTEEL® and may use alternative suppliers for any product.