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Key Factors To Keep In Mind When Re-roofing Your Home

key factors when re roofing your home feature

New Zealand's diverse climate can be challenging for any roof, from the sun-soaked summers to the often wet winters and sometimes damaging weather conditions. With such a demanding climate, regular roof inspections are essential to catch signs of wear and tear before they escalate. If it turns out your roof needs a revamp, Stratco is your trusted partner, offering comprehensive solutions for all your reroofing or roof replacement requirements.

Advantages of COLORBOND® and COLORSTEEL® Metal Roofing

When contemplating a roof replacement, your choice of material is paramount. COLORSTEEL® metal roofing, New Zealand's equivalent of Australia's COLORBOND®, stands out as the ideal option for rejuvenating your roof. With a 15-year warranty on wall cladding, COLORSTEEL® provides peace of mind. Opting for a COLORSTEEL® metal roof brings a range of benefits, including longevity. These roofs have been seen to endure the harsh New Zealand elements for years, without cracking or corroding.

Moreover, metal roofs are significantly lighter than their tiled counterparts, which can weigh over ten times as much per square meter. This reduced weight places less stress on your home's walls and foundations. COLORSTEEL® metal roofs are also fire-retardant, offering superior protection in the event of fires compared to other materials. This fire-resistant quality is often reflected in insurance premiums, which tend to be lower for homes with metal roofs.

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Repairs and Maintenance Made Easy

Regardless of your roofing choice, occasional damage and maintenance needs may arise. Repairing or replacing COLORSTEEL® metal roofing is hassle-free due to its lightweight nature and extensive sheet lengths. Unlike the heavy lifting required for concrete tiles, replacing metal sheets is a breeze. Finding replacement roofing is just as straightforward, with an array of COLORSTEEL® colours and Stratco profiles available. Stratco's dedicated team can guide you through the entire process, from selecting your new roof to finding an installer, ensuring a smooth reroofing project.

Complete Your Roofing Project

Stratco also offers an extensive range of flashings, gutters, and fascias to complement your new COLORSTEEL® metal roof or address any potential damage sustained over its lifespan. Designed to suit all profiles and COLORSTEEL® colours, these products ensure a consistent look for your home.

Addressing Asbestos

In older New Zealand homes, asbestos roofing is not uncommon, but its health risks are now well-known. If you have an asbestos roof, Stratco can connect you with re-roofing partners who are fully insured and licensed to safely remove asbestos. Replacing an asbestos roof not only safeguards your family's health but may also boost your home's resale value.

Roof Now, Pay Later

Sometimes, the need for a roof replacement comes unexpectedly, precisely when it's least convenient. Heavy rains, storms, or severe weather events can reveal defective roofs, or cause them. Neglecting these issues can lead to more significant damage and even health concerns. Stratco offers Interest-Free finance solutions, allowing you to address your roofing needs promptly and pay for them over time.

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It's important we take good care of our roofs, and that's why Stratco trusts COLORSTEEL® metal roofing when it comes to reroofing and roof replacements. If you'd like some more information, you can fill in the form below, contact us, or see us in one of our stores across the islands.

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