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Do You Have a Space to Pursue Your Passion?

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Do you have a space to pursue your passion?

Meeting people, hearing their life experiences and learning from them is what inspires my art.

We recently caught up with the talented Joy French whose ideas and passion come to life when working in her very own shed turned studio. Joy’s amazing artwork features in our latest Stratco TV Commercials.

What inspires you?

Meeting people, hearing their life experiences and learning from them is what inspires my art. I have a fascination with people/humanity. Contemporary Art is a vehicle to communicate, connect and gain a deeper understanding of myself. The pains, desires, and passions of the human condition, society and roles we play. 

Where does your passion for art come from?

I have always been passionate about arts, even as a little girl I remember being very creative. However, it wasn't until I lost my mother and another special soul in a very short time frame that my passion for my art grew stronger. It became a tool for me to help me cope with my grief. 

The arts give me purpose and inner peace. There is no greater drug than creativity especially when other people dig it also.  It is very rewarding to see a piece finish and then actually have someone want to buy it. I get a real high from that its incredibly soul rewarding.

Is any of your artwork painted in a shed?

We have a double bay shed in our home that we have transformed into a studio. It’s great to have a space at home where I can follow my passion and let my imagination come to life through my art.

How many years experience do you have? 

I started the arts as a sculpture in 1995 and did that as a trade for four years. There was gap of studying other Arts, Film and TV, Visual Design, only to find Myself in portraiture in 2007 also tapping into the fashion industry. Essentially nine years painting professionally.

Are the subjects of your artwork all real people?

Most of the time yes, however sometimes I tend to create my own stories around them making them appear more charter-driven than anything else vivacious and animated, yet still true to reality in appearance and feeling. 

What are you up to at the moment?

I am currently working on three commission portraits for clients.  As well as my own series of themed pieces as a new online exhibit. Rebuilding my website and creating another production line of t-shirts with my prints on them. It’s all keeping me very busy.

Travelling is definitely happening May next year heading to Paris, Rome, Tuscany, and Greece. Where I’m sure I will be taking my camera and grabbing some portrait images of willing muses from all different cultures. I am very excited about this trip. It is supposed to be my honeymoon however, lots happening. It is an exciting time.  I am feeling very blessed.

How did it come about that your art featured in TV Commercial?

In my time as an artist I have made some wonderful friends that are incredibly inspiring and talented with what they do, Laura Elkington is one of those. Laura works in Film and TV and goes out of her way to support artist and friends with their trade. Laura contacted me to see if I would be interested in this particular gig and of course I said yes. I am very grateful to her for that. In this industry it’s nice to form real connections with other inspiring creative’s Like Laura. I really admire what she does It is great to have friends that can all support one another with our passions in life whilst on our creative paths. Laura had a commission portrait piece done from me a year or so ago.

We wish Joy all the best and can’t wait to see her new series of artwork.

If you are interested in setting up a space to pursue your own passion, make sure to check out Stratco's range of Sheds